Terms of payment
The full payment is payable to the command.
The payment is made:
- or by credit card; achieved through the secure Paypal system that uses the
Protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer), so that the transmitted information is
encrypted by a software and that any third party may be in the course of
transport on the network;
- either by check in France, made out to the order of Jarpico and sent to:
EDIF-International 18 avenue de la roche fourcade Z.I. saint mitre - 13400 Aubagne Tel: 04 42 83 42 78 Fax: 04 42 83 43 31
The payment currency is the Euro with the exception of any other currency.
In the case of a payment by credit card, the buyer's account is debited as soon as
validation of the order. When articles are subject to a delivery, the invoice is
attached to the delivered articles. In all other cases, an invoice on paper highlighting the
VAT applicable as appropriate, shall be sent to the purchaser on request.
Despite the care provided by Jarpico
 for the supply of its stocks, an article
may become unavailable between order and delivery. In case of impossibility
to honour all or part of the order the buyer's account is credited
automatically by Jarpico, for the amount of articles not delivered. Jarpico then notifies the buyer by email.