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1. General terms of business of the editorial products

It is specified that these terms exclusively govern the sale by Jarpico of poufs, cushions, lamps, micro-beads and accessories. These conditions apply exclusion of all other conditions, including those in force for in-store sales.

Article 1 - price

1.1 - The prices of our products are indicated in euros all taxes included (VAT + other taxes) off participation in shipping and processing charges.
1.2 - In the event of order towards one country other than the metropolitan France you are the importer of the products concerned. For all the products dispatched except European Union and DOM - TOM, the price will be calculated tax automatically on the invoice. Customs duties or other local taxes or import duties or taxes of State are likely to be payable. These rights and sums are not the responsibility of Jarpico. They will be responsible and come under your responsibility, both in terms of declarations as for payments to the authorities and / agencies in your country. It is recommended that you learn more about these aspects from your local authorities.
1.3 - Jarpico reserves the right to modify its prices at any time but the products will be invoicedon the basis of tariff in force at the time of your order validation.
1.4 - The products remain the property of Jarpico until the complete payment of the price.

Section 2 - command

    • On the Internet: www.bigbao.eu
    • By phone at 04 42 83 42 78 (cost of a local call) from the metropolitan France. Monday to Friday from 9 h to 17 h 00
    • + 33 4 42 83 42 78 Since the DOM TOM and abroad from Monday to Friday from 9 h to 17 h 00.
Contractual information is presented in French and will be a confirmation taking up these contractual information no later than at the time of your validation of order.

Article 3 – Validation

You declare to have read and accepted the present General Conditions of sale before placing your order. The validation of your order is acceptance of these General Conditions of sale.
Unless proved otherwise, the data recorded by Jarpico constitute the proof of the whole of the transactions passed through Jarpico and its customers.

Article 4 - availability

Our product offers are valid as long as they are visible on the site, within the limit of available stocks excluding promotional transactions mentioned as such on the sites. In the event of unavailability of product after placing your order,.We will inform by mail. Your order will be automatically cancelled and no debit will be made. For information flow occurs only at the time of the shipment of the packages.

Article 5 - delivery

5.1 - General
The products are delivered to the delivery address that you entered during the ordering process, no later than the date indicated on the payment page prior to validation of the order by the customer. The deadline for delivery is
    • - to the shipping time indicated on the item card plus
    • - the period of processing and routing.
When you order several products at the same time, and these have different delivery dates, the date of delivery of the order is based on the later date. However, Jarpico reserves the right to split shipments. Participation in shipping and processing charges will be billed for a single shipment.
In the event of shipment delay, a mail will be sent to inform you about a possible consequence on the date limit of delivery that indicated you. In case of delay in delivery, we will offer you by mail a new delivery date. In any case, in accordance with the legal provisions, in the event of delay of delivery of over 7 days, you get the possibiliTe to cancel your order within a period of 60 working days. In this case, if you have received the product, after your cancellation, we will proceed to the refund of the product and costs go to receipt of the product by us, complete and in its original state.
We invite you also to periodically review your order tracking and contact customer support for questions or problems.
In case of payment by bank card is private and split deliveries, only products shipped are debited.
If paying by cheque, the order will be shipped upon receipt of the cheque by us.
5.2 - Reserves
You must notify the carrier and Jarpico all reserves on the product delivered (for example: damaged package, already open...). Variously defined in section 9 below, you can benefit from the Exchange and refund conditions laid down in this article.

Article 6 - payment

Payment of your purchases may be made:
    • - either by credit cards: Visa, MasterCard,...
    • - Either by phone
    • - Either by paypal
    • - either by bank cheque, for superior orders or equal 140 EUR TTC.
The card is done at the time of the order.
In case of payment by cheque, itmust be issued by a bank based in metropolitan France or Monaco.
Upgrading to cashing the check is carried out at the reception of the cheque
To allow Jarpico to best manage your order, the cheque will be sent to Jarpico within 2 working days following your confirmation of order to:
1191 drive station
83110 Sanary sur Mer

Article 7 - security

Our site is under a security system.
We have adopted the SSL encryption process, but we have also strengthened all the interference and encryption processes to protect as effectively as possible all sensitive data relating to means of payment.

Article 8 – Satisfied or refunded 7 days - right of withdrawal

8.1 - In accordance with the applicable legal provisions, you have a period of 7 days from the receipt of your products to exercise your right of withdrawal from Jarpico without having to justify reasons nor to pay penalty.
In the event of exercise of the right of withdrawal within the above-mentioned period, only the price of the purchased product and the shipping costs will be reimbursed. the expenses of return remain your responsibility.
Returns are in their State of origin and complete (packing, accessories, instructions...) allowing their remarketing State new, and accompanieda copy of the invoice of purchase for management optimized.
8.2 - Return address
Contact our Customer Service by clicking here

Article 9 - Compliance of products

We undertake to reimburse you or Exchange you apparently defective, damaged or damaged or do not match your order. In this case, thank you kindly to State in detail in writing and return the goods. Jarpico will be, at your option, Exchange or refund of the product. Shipping charges will be refunded on the basis of the invoiced price and the cost of returning you will be reimbursed on presentation of supporting documents. In any case, you get the legal guarantees of conformity and defects hidden, and in accordance with the legal provisions in force, in particular those specified in Appendix 1.
The provisions of this article do not prevent you to benefit from the right of withdrawal provided for in article 8.

Article 10 - refunds

Refunds of products in the assumptions referred to in articles 8 and 9 will be issued as soon as possible and at the latest within 30 days after the date on which the right has been exercised. Reimbursement will be carried out on the proposal of Jarpico by the customer's credit account or by cheque to the nameof the customer who placed the order and billing address, the customer can opt for another mode of refund as that proposed. It is however specified in the case of a total or partial payment by gift, that they cannot be reimbursed or in cash, by cheque or by credit card. Reimbursement of purchases made using gift vouchers will be exclusively in the form of vouchers for an amount similar to that paid in this form. No sending in against-refunding will be accepted, whatever may be the reason.
The benefits obtained from the product purchase will be cancelled in case of return of the product accompanied by a refund of the said product.

Article 11 - Customer Service

For any information or question, our customer service is at your disposal:
To place an order: from Monday to Friday from 9 h to 17 h 00.
For order tracking, for the exercise of the right of withdrawal or to make the guarantee: please contact the customer service number shown in the order confirmation email and accessible your page in 'my account '. to do this simply log in using your email address and your password.
Fax: contact form: click here

Article 12 - intellectual property

12.1 - All texts, comments.books, works, images reproduced or represented on the sites of Jarpico are strictly reserved under copyright as well as the intellectual property and for the whole world. On this basis and in accordance with the provisions of the code of intellectual property, only for private use subject to different or even more restrictive provisions of the code of intellectual property is permitted. Any reproduction or total or partial representation of BigBao sites or all or part of the elements found on the sites of Jarpico is strictly prohibited.
12.2 - Some products such as including software are personal and specific use rights controlled copies, public releases, rentals. You must comply with the General conditions of sale of these products and bigbao.eu cannot be responsible for the uses that may be made of the products within this framework.

Article 13 - liability

The products offered comply with current French legislation. Jarpico cannot be engaged in case of non-compliance with the legislation of the country where the product is delivered (for example in the case of banned title...). It is your responsibility to verify with the local authorities the import or use of the products or services that you plan toe order.
The photos are provided for illustrative purposes. We invite you to refer to the description of each product to know the exact characteristics; and if in doubt or if you want additional information do not hesitate to contact us at the Jarpico is responsible for the content of the pages she edited.
Our products are compatible with professional uses performance even if Jarpico is not intended for sale to professionals. Jarpico will not see therefore held liable for any damage whatsoever resulting from a professional activity.

Article 14 - Applicable law - disputes

The present contract is subject to French law. The language of this contract is the French language. In case of dispute, the French courts will be only qualified.

Article 15 – Personal information

Information and data about you are necessary for the management of your order and our trade relations. May be passed on to companies that contribute to these relations such as those responsible for the execution of orders for their management, execution, processing and payment and services. Such information and data are also kept for security purposes, to comply with legal and regulatory obligations and as well as to allow us toimprove and customize the services we offer and the information that we send you.
In accordance with the law computer and freedoms of January 6, 1978, you have a right of access and rectification, and opposition to the personal data concerning you. Just write to us at Customer Service or by mail to Jarpico 1191 Road Station 83110 Sanary sur Mer FRANCE, indicating your name, first name, e-mail address and if possible your reference online client. In accordance with the regulations, your application must be signed and accompanied by photocopy of a title of identity bearing your signature and must specify the address to which send you the answer. Then, a response will be sent within 2 months of receipt of the request.
Based on your choices issued during the creation or your account, you will be likely to receive offers of our company, as well as companies and signs of the Jarpico group as indicated during the creation of your account. If you want more, you can at any time make us the request by specifying it in my account "personal information".
Our site is also designed to be particularly attentive to the needs of our customers. It is for this that we make use of cookies. The cookie is designed to indicate your passageon our site. Cookies are therefore used by Jarpico to improve the personal service that is for you.
Jarpico subscribed to the professional code of the Federation of distance selling companies and is committed to respecting the Charter of the profession.

Article 16 – warranty

16.1 - Warranty
In accordance with the legal provisions in force relating to the compliance of the property contract and in particular those specified in annex 1 of these terms and conditions, we'll refund you or we exchange apparently defective products or do not match your order. If you request a refund, thank you to contact us at the number indicated in the order confirmation email and accessible your page in 'My account'; to do this simply log in using your email address and your password.
Products should we be returned or reported in-store in the State in which you received them with all the elements (accessories, packaging, manual...).
You also get the legal warranty of defects in hidden and this in accordance with the legal provisions specified including in Appendix 1 of these conditions.
The provisions of this article do not prevent you to benefit from the right of withdrawal provided for in article 8.
16.2 - Contract security
Products purchased on bigbao.fr can give right to a contractual guarantee. It is indicated on the item card for products presented on the site. In order to know what to do about after-sales service for any problem or failure on a product you can contact the hotline. We put at your disposal a number Azur (cost of a local call from a landline) indicated in the order confirmation email and accessible in your 'My account' page; to do this simply log in using your email address and your password
In order to benefit from the contractual guarantee of the products, should always keep the receipt of purchase of the product.
Contractual guarantee does not cover:
    • - the replacement of consumables
    • - abnormal or non-compliant products. We invite you to this regard read carefully the instructions for use provided with the products,
    • - defects and their consequences due to the intervention of a non-qualified by Jarpico,
    • - the defects and their consequences related to the non-conforming use to the use for which the product is intended (Professional, collective use...),
    • - any external cause-related defects and their consequences.
however, in any case you can benefit from the statutory warranty provisions including those relating to the legal warranty specified in article 8.1 above.


Article L211 - 4 consumer Code
The seller is required to deliver a well conforms to the contract and answers defects of compliance existing during the issuance. It addresses also the defects of conformity resulting from packaging, mounting or installation instructions when it has updated its load by contract or carried out under its responsibility.
Note: Order 2005 - 136 2005-02-17 art. 5: The provisions of this order apply to contracts concluded after its entry into force.
Article L211 - 5 of the consumer Code
To conform to the contract, the property must:
    1 Own being to use normally expected of a similar property and, where appropriate:
    ◦ fit the description given by the seller and possess the qualities that it presented to the buyer as a sample or model
    ◦ present the qualities a buyer may legitimately expect in view of the public statements made by the seller, the producer or by his representative, particularly in advertising or labelling
    2 Or have the characteristicsdefined by mutual agreement by the parties or be specific to any particular purpose sought by the purchaser, to the knowledge of the seller and that the latter has accepted.
Note: Order 2005 - 136 2005-02-17 art. 5: The provisions of this order apply to contracts concluded after its entry into force.
Article L211 - 12 Code of consumption
The action resulting from the lack of conformity within two years from the issuance of the good.
Note: Order 2005 - 136 2005-02-17 art. 5: The provisions of this order apply to contracts concluded after its entry into force.
Article 1641 civil Code
The seller is bound to the warranty defects of the thing sold which render it unfit for the use to which it intended, or so diminish the purpose, that the buyer have not acquired it, or would that given a lesser price, if he had known.
1648 Paragraph 1 civil Code article
The action resulting from redhibitory vices must be brought by the purchaser within two years after discovery of the defect.
2. General conditions of quick purchase
The quick-buy option must be activated only once.
It allows you to place your order easily in a minimum of clicks on Bigbao.eu
Once the option "quick purchase"."enabled, when you click on the"Quick purchase"button, these delivery information and payment will be automatically taken into account for your order. A summary page will allow you to verify the amount of delivery charges and finalize your order. Authentication can you be requested before validation of your purchase.
Purchases made via the quick purchase option are subject to the General conditions of sale of Jarpico and the payments made are just as secure as for a classical order. Jarpico keeps your bank data securely for you avoid re-entering your contact information.
In accordance with the terms & conditions of bigabo.eu, the cancellation of the order is always possible as long as your article has not yet been shipped.
Note, quick purchase orders are available in France metropolitan and the DOM TOM, and are reserved for persons (Jarpico not being able to verify the age of customers, you guarantee so be a major person.)
Customer Service is at your disposal at the (from Monday to Friday from 9 h to 17 h 00, cost of a local call from a landline).
In accordance with the law you have a right of access, of modification and withdrawal of the information contained in your account.


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